In 1895, Judge Joseph and Mary Cunningham generously deeded their home and 15 acres to the Women of the Methodist Episcopal Church, now known as the United Women in Faith. Their gesture reflected a deep commitment to providing a secure and nurturing haven for children in distress. Judge Cunningham expressed his hope in his personal journal: “May God’s blessing accompany this gift, enabling it to bring about much good.”

Initially, Cunningham functioned as a reliable and comforting residence for children who had lost parental care or whose parents were unable to provide for them. However, as the needs of children evolved over time, Cunningham adapted its mission to encompass the care of children with emotional, behavioral, and special educational requirements. Through a range of services including residential treatment, special education, and community-based programs, Cunningham empowers young people and families to realize their full potential, transforming lives along the way.

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Cunningham Children Home – The first 125 years: