United Women in Faith Annual Meeting, October 2023


Cunningham Children’s Home was established in 1895 when Judge Joseph and Mary Cunningham donated their home to the women of Methodist Episcopal Church. The Cunningham’s felt confident that the women would sustain great care for the needs of children. Today, as a mission of United Women in Faith (formerly United Methodist Women) of the Illinois Great Rivers Conference, we rely on their ongoing support, along with that of United Methodist churches and individuals. Our vision remains steadfast: to ensure every child thrives. We deeply appreciate their steadfast support and invite others to prayerfully consider joining us in providing hope and a future for our most vulnerable youth.

We salute the United Women in Faith, then, now and always.

In the 1920s, the women provided canned goods for our youth, ensuring they had plenty to eat. In the 1940s, they petitioned for a much-needed building during wartime, demonstrating unwavering commitment to caring for Cunningham’s children. Over the years, they’ve supported our growth, including the construction of the Noel Education Center. Today, they continue their compassionate service through modern-day gifts and volunteer efforts. In March 2022, the United Methodist Women rebranded as United Women in Faith, embodying a fearless commitment to justice and advocacy, striving to change unfair systems that affect women, children and youth.