We offer employees a “Love Yourself” wellness program designed to promote physical, mental, emotional and financial wellness. Through this program, our staff actively participate in various activities aimed at promoting healthy habits and having fun. As a bonus, employees who meet the yearly requirements earn a discount on their health insurance premiums.

Initiatives like Love Yourself Smart Snacking Week, the Employee Walking Challenge, and themed days during Employee Appreciation Week have garnered significant engagement. Additionally, the Wellness Committee organizes an annual Employee Wellness Fair, featuring local vendors offering valuable education and resources to Cunningham employees.

Themes for Employee Appreciation Week, such as “You’re Out of this World” and “Warriors of Hope,” are accompanied by prize giveaways, dress-up days, staff bingo, and photo contests, enhancing team spirit and morale.

Love Yourself Wellness Program

Our program includes discounts on premiums for employees that enroll in our health insurance and complete the following:


  • Annual Preventative Visit with biometric screen
  • Second preventative visit (dental, vision, flu shot, medical preventative screens)
  • Participation in at least two wellness program events
  • Participation in at least 1 wellness education event OR completion of 1 EAP online training
  • Take action toward a personal wellness goal (quit smoking, weight loss, medical case management, BMI, biometrics, etc.)