The Cedars Youth Shelter is a diagnostic and adolescent care shelter located in the Residential Treatment Center on our campus. The 10-bed shelter serves males, ages 12-16 years, who are Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) youth in care.

Teenage boy in white t-shirt wearing a white and black ball cap.


  • Serves youth who are experiencing sudden displacement from their homes due to abuse, neglect or some other unsafe living situation that necessitates a move for the child.  
  • Provides a bridge of safety, nurturing, and connection to resources while we support youth in moving out of crisis into a more stable and permanent living situation.  
  • In the 30-75 days youth will be in our care, our team of clinicians, case managers, and care givers will assess needs and strengths and provide trauma-informed crisis intervention, diagnostic assessment, therapy and home-finding.
  •  Clinical and case management staff will endeavor to engage the youth’s family and community and prepare the stage for the child to be re-integrated. 
  • Aftercare services will be in place before discharge to assure continuity of care, and ongoing stability and services for the youth.  In cases where this is not possible, case management staff will work to identify, build and support a future placement for the child.  


  • male, aged 12-16
  • in DCFS care

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Kelli Dillon-LeDuc, Associate Director of Residential and Clinical Services


(217) 337-9380