Monthly Giving Program

These days, monthly subscriptions have become a common way to receive our favorite items, from coffee to fashion, even for our pets. This convenience brings us happiness. Now, we can extend that happiness to others by subscribing to the Guardian Parent Monthly Giving program where you can support the continuous care of youth and families at Cunningham, bringing joy to their lives with special moments throughout the year.

What your contribution helps with

Your monthly contribution of $40 or more helps cover the additional expenses beyond basic care, ensuring our youth, like Peter who you can learn about in the story below, receive the support they need to feel cherished and loved. You can begin to help a child today by completing the following form. 

If you have given a recurring gift through PayPal, please note that we are still receiving those payments.

If you have questions about our donation process, please contact Erin Gilligan, Development Specialist, by phone at (217) 337-9075 or by email at

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Going home

Peter’s life was changed through the support of Guardian Parent Monthly Giving. He found healing and hope while learning what being part of a family is all about and when it was time to rejoin his, he was ready.

Set up a recurring donation

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Tim Manard, Development Officer

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