Runaway and Homeless Youth Services (RHY) is a community and agency effort to reach an underserved population of runaway and homeless individuals. The program employs a solution-oriented approach that recognizes the developmental needs of the individual and builds upon each individual’s strengths.


Emergency Shelter: Caters to non-DCFS individuals aged 14 to 21, offering safe and temporary housing. It provides 24-hour supervision, a structured program schedule, life skills instruction, education advocacy, recreational activities, and case management services. The focus is on creating a supportive and stable environment for those in need.

Street Outreach: Aids homeless or at-risk individuals aged 14 to 24 in Champaign County, including those pregnant or parenting. The main goal is to establish safe and stable living arrangements, addressing urgent needs like shelter, food, education, benefits and support services. Services include street and community outreach, assistance in securing housing, education on community resources, referral to necessary services, life skills instruction and case management.

Intermediate Transitional Living Program: Serves Champaign County individuals aged 18 to 24 who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Services focus on the development and lifelong skills that produce sustainable housing, employment, relationships and linkages to community resources.



  • who reside in Champaign County
  • age-appropriate for service needed (see above)

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Referrals (non DCFS) may be initiated by self, family members, friends, service providers or other organizations in Champaign County. Individuals must complete a RHY Program application to be considered for these services. To determine eligibility:

Call dedicated landline: (217) 359-1241

Call or text cell: (217) 841-8128