The Independent Living Opportunities program helps young adults become self-sufficient and independent while living on their own in the community. Participants must be able to function independently of regular adult supervision with sufficient impulse control and the ability to manage their daily activities, employment, education, social interaction and any existing medical conditions. Caseworkers provide support and guidance and direction. 


Therapy Services: Provide through community resources with Cunningham staff assistance

Independent Living Skills Training and Housing/Financial Assistance: Teach independent living skills including cooking, housekeeping, laundry, hygiene, money management, social skills, sexual education, tenancy issues and basic legal skills; Helps locate and maintain housing; Monthly financial assistance for rent, utilities and other necessities is a possibility

Employment and Educational Assistance: Help in locating and maintaining employment; Provide educational support for college admission and/or vocational training

Medical, Dental, and Recreational Opportunities: Provide through community resources with Cunningham staff assistance; a Cunningham staff nurse is available to give guidance in health and safety issues



  • ages 18 through 21
  • in DCFS care
  • with a high school diploma or GED
  • maintain minimum of part time employment
  • with a goal of independence

We also offer additional supports for single parents and their children:

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Cunningham’s Intake/Admissions Specialist
(217) 337-9059; Fax (217) 367-5910
Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Leave a message for call back.

Cunningham intake staff members will complete an assessment prior to admittance. This includes a thorough review of written materials and interviews with referring agencies and the potential client.

Learn about criteria that may prohibit admittance