We all want and need similar things, but not everyone has had the same opportunities. Our community comes together to offer hope to those who need it most: youth facing serious emotional and behavioral challenges stemming from abuse, neglect, mental illness and more. Through our comprehensive programs and services, we provide expert care to help young people learn positive coping strategies, achieve academic milestones, and develop the life skills essential for success within our community.

Through Education


The Gerber Education Program offers on-campus specialized education in the Noel Education Center to youth in our residential treatment programs. Endorsed by the Urbana School District 116, it aligns with its curriculum and academic calendar. A key objective of education at Gerber is to facilitate a smooth transition for students into the public school system.


Our Vocational Options Program provides a variety of career-oriented activities, including hands-on work experiences and resume-building exercises like mock interviews. We coordinate opportunities with non-profit organizations in our community. Additionally, students gain practical skills through on-campus and community-based work experiences, including at Ms. Bonnie’s Cup of Hope campus coffee shop and on-campus recycling.


We offer spiritual well being through various activities and support systems, including spiritual assessments, participation in spiritual life groups and counseling. Our choir provides opportunities for leadership and involvement in the spiritual community, while special events like guest speakers and music groups enhance the spiritual experience. Optional participation in activities such as Vacation Bible School and service projects promotes spiritual growth and community engagement.

Through Therapy


For physical well-being, our recreational programming offers a diverse range of activities, including participation in sports teams, swimming lessons, pool games and seasonal water aerobics. Yoga sessions promote relaxation and mindfulness.

Special Therapies

We provide specialty-counseling groups focusing on areas such as sensory regulation, music-involved therapies, self-regulation, anger management, healthy self-expression and fostering positive social experiences. Pet therapy sessions enhance overall well-being.

Through Experiences

We offer a wide range of opportunities, on and off campus, to keep our youth active. On-site activities include arts and crafts, music, dance, geocaching, video games, board games, trivia tournaments, and spa days.

Local outings take us to parks like Meadowbrook and Hessel Park, aquatic centers, bookstores, libraries, movie theaters, and eateries, as well as University of Illinois and Parkland College events and community festivals. We also visit specialty centers like Curtis Orchard, engage in educational outings to places like the Parkland Planetarium and Orpheum Children’s Science Museum, and enjoy recreational activities like rock climbing and laser tag.

Older youth explore museums, visit the Hardy’s Reindeer Ranch and enjoy outings to local attractions like Jupiter’s Pizza and Billiards and miniature golf courses.

Group homes focus on life skills with shopping trips, art fairs, and outdoor activities such as hiking and fishing. Larger seasonal trips include visits to amusement parks, sporting events and nature reserves.