Our spiritual brain

Each year we offer Winter Workshops to our staff for professional growth. This session was led by our Chaplain Anne Fuquay.

an image of an illuminated brain with starburst extending all around it

Our Winter Workshop, Spiritual Brain, delve into the impactful work of Dr. Liza Miller, a distinguished professor in clinical psychology at Columbia University and acclaimed author of “The Awakened Brain.” Under the guidance of Chaplain Anne, we embarked on an insightful journey through Dr. Miller’s groundbreaking research on the intricate relationship between spirituality and neuroscience. We explored how spirituality serves as a powerful shield against the onset of depression, despair-related illnesses, and the mounting challenges of mental health. Through this exploration, we uncovered the significance of nurturing a robust spiritual foundation, not only for our own resilience and vitality but also for the well-being of the youth and families we support. Together, we discovered the pathways to constructing a meaningful existence characterized by healing, joy, meaningful contributions and fulfillment.