Molly finds her forever home

Molly's successful transition from Cunningham's Girls' Group Home to her forever home.

Molly poses in front of a front door to a house, decorated for Christmas.

Molly’s* adoptive parents struggled to handle her disrespectful behavior and anger outbursts and needed help. When Molly arrived at Cunningham, the plan was for her to return home once she received the help she needed to heal from a traumatic past.

The Girls’ Group Home staff at Cunningham provided Molly with manageable ways to handle her stress, anger and anxiety. But as time passed, the staff began to see that the hard work Molly was putting into her program at Cunningham was not producing the healing and reconciliation they had hoped in her relationship with her parents.

During this time, Molly was having healthy phone conversations with her grandparents, who lived several states away. While staff continued to monitor and process her future hopes and healing, Molly’s grandparents offered to have her move in with them. Molly was so excited at the possibility of living with her grandparents, her positive demeanor and contagious energy literally changed the atmosphere of the group home!

Now, Molly is doing really well with her grandparents in her forever home, where she feels welcome, safe and loved. She is going to public school and has a job she enjoys. Molly continues to stay in touch with her support staff at Cunningham with weekly phone calls and you can hear the joy in her voice. She knows she is where she belongs and is delighted to be sharing holidays and special moments with her grandparents.

Molly’s hopes and dreams for a wonderful future are coming true.

*Our stories are real, but names may have been changed and photos chosen to provide privacy.