Journey with us with Wheels of Hope

With Wheels of Hope, we are asking you to CAREavan along with us by forming a Travel Team that together raises at least $500 and propels us toward our goal of purchasing a passenger van!

black passenger van

When it comes to traveling, few things are as crucial as having a dependable vehicle to ensure the safety of yourself and your loved ones. That’s why we’re excited to introduce WHEELS OF HOPE, our initiative aimed at raising funds specifically to acquire a full-size passenger van. At Cunningham, our operations rely heavily on a fleet of vehicles to transport our staff and youth efficiently. However, we’ve been operating without a large passenger van for quite some time. When the opportunity arose to purchase a used Chevy Express Passenger Van from Kinmundy United Methodist Church at the incredible price of $24,000, we STEPPED ON THE GAS! Now, we invite you to join us on this journey and contribute to making it a reality.

The vehicle will serve a variety of purposes, including transporting our youth to recreational therapy activities such as volleyball, soccer, and softball games, as well as field trips to destinations like Clinton Lake and Kickapoo State Park. These activities are vital for the wellbeing and development of our kids, mirroring the experiences that families provide for their own children. Yet, the benefits of owning a vehicle of this size and caliber extend beyond mere transportation from point A to point B. It will also ease some of the burdens placed on the agency.

“The biggest challenge for everybody has been being able to get our kids to events and activities while also keeping in mind the needs of our schools and our community-based services staff,” Jill, Cunningham Special Therapies Lead Specialist, explained. “For our larger sports like soccer or softball we need 11-12 kids minimum to field a full team and for every three kids we bring, we must have at least one adult. Sometimes a competition is more than an hour away, so we’re tying up at least four agency minivans or cars which means missed opportunities for other kids who are unable to get to their community jobs or afterschool programs.”

Beginning May 15, during National Transportation Week (May 12-18), and continuing through June 11, our goal is to raise the funds to purchase the passenger van. National Transportation Week is an annual weeklong observance dedicated to recognizing the importance of transportation and its impact on the economy, society and daily life.

We’re thrilled to announce that Champaign Faith United Methodist Church has graciously contributed a lead gift of $5,000, giving us $19,000 left to raise in order to acquire the van. Will you consider joining us in investing in this essential vehicle and becoming a champion of hope? Your support will enable us to uphold our mission of nurturing children and supporting families, ensuring they receive the comprehensive care they need to thrive.

Please DONATE NOW or start a CAREavan Travel Team to contribute to Wheels of Hope. Contact Ginger Mills at if you have questions about Wheels of Hope or starting your own Travel Team.