Because of YOU!

Your overwhelming support of Wheels of Hope ensured our opportunity to purchase a large passenger van but you didn't stop there.

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Lately, when going places, Cunningham youth aren’t asking, “Are we there yet?” Instead, we’re hearing, “Is it here yet?”

Duke* and his peers were thrilled when they learned Cunningham was getting a new passenger van. And with each passing day, the excitement continues to build.

“Is today the day?” Duke asked Jill, Cunningham’s Special Therapies Coordinator. “Is today when we get the new van?”

The thought of traveling all together in a vehicle of this caliber has the wheels turning in their heads and it is because of YOU!

“The kids are so excited,” Jill said. “They can’t stop talking about it, especially our younger boys. They ask about it every day. The questions become more frequent on softball game days as they load up into multiple vehicles or when other teams arrive in their vans. They want to know what ours looks like, how big it is, what color it is. They can’t wait.”

Your overwhelming support of Wheels of Hope ensured our goal was met, but you didn’t stop there. You continued to contribute and provide for our kids bringing our online total to $30,364.95

From the bottom of our hearts, we say THANK YOU to the nearly 250 individuals, families, United Methodist churches, United Women in Faith, groups and organizations that supported this project. 

We will take possession of the passenger van in late July and will be sure to share news of future adventures with you!

Your belief in our mission and your willingness to invest in our work mean the world to us. Thank you for your unwavering support and for being an essential part of our journey.

*Our story is real but name has been changed to protect privacy.