The combined experience of the independent operating companies collectively designated the Cunningham Group spans more than thirty years and eighteen States. As noted on our page "Experience Profile" providing a detailed summary of prior holdings, there is a wide range of real estate knowledge and experience.

     Brian Cunningham, the executive officer of the operating companies, has held over    12, 600 multifamily units and twenty eight commercial office properties. Included in these totals are the development of multifamily properties in the Seattle, Spokane and Colorado Springs markets and commercial properties in California. At the present time, Cunningham Capital is concentrated on small to midsize  commercial properties in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana. Cunningham Equities is concentrating on the evaluation of investments in California, Arizona, Oregon and Washington and evaluation of the single family home market in Las Vegas,Sacramento, Fresno and Santa Clara County, Ca. In most cases the predominant profile of investment experience is in the acquisition of value added i.e. distressed office assets in need of capital infusion and proactive management. 

    Mr. Cunningham is also currently  involved as the President of Martha's Kitchen, a California non profit corporation providing 15,000 free meals a month in Santa Clara County, Cal. Visit for more information.  In addition to his work at Martha's Kitchen Mr. Cunningham is also coordinating the supply of food for Dos Palos Youth In Crisis Outreach to supply food to 1950 people per week in the Central Valley of California. Visit for additional information including how to donate online.  This area of California is experiencing unemployment exceeding 40 % for certain occupations and living conditions have severely deteriorated .

Company Profile:

Cunningham Equities Corporation is  based in Gilroy, California and seeks to acquire, hold and manage undervalued or distressed commercial real estate in California, Arizona, Oregon and Washington. Current emphasis is focused on the single family home markets in Las Vegas, Sacramento, Fresno, and Santa Clara County, Cal.

Cunningham Capital Corporation seeks to acquire highly distressed commercial properties that are lender owned and in need of significant  rehabilitation. The Corporation is focused on obtaining long term asset appreciation over a five to seven year horizon.  Primary emphasis is focused on Midwest and mountain state areas.

Cunningham Farms seeks to acquire secondary production farm land in the upper Midwest . The company goal is to concentrate on unused raw land with less than seven inches of natural rainfall on an annual basis.

Cunningham Oil & Gas is  seeking opportunities in distressed ethanol production and ethanol refining. Areas of interest are concentrated in areas that experience marginal rain fall but capable of sustaining biologic/organic growth products.




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